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Try Garage Door Repair Santa Monica Company

This following information from garage door repair Santa Monica will help you to troubleshoot some of your garage door glitches. The majority of garage door problems are by a broken spring. However, there are many other things that could cause your garage door from operating properly. The garage door is built with a minimum of parts and it is not normally difficult to maintain.

Garage Door Repair Santa Monica Company

Some of a garage door’s problems can be solved by the homeowner. However, there are other more difficult complications that the Do-It-Yourselfer will not be able to manage. If you find that the problem is too difficult to fix, call in a professional garage door repairman from garage door repair Santa Monica. They will advise you of the cost to repair your garage door.

The first problem that we will discuss is the issue when the bottom of the garage door is not the same on each side. The cause of such a problem could be one of three things.  You have a worn out extension spring cable pulley, a frayed extension spring cable, or a frayed torsion spring cable. The solution to all of these problems is to replace the cable or the pulley.

Another common garage door problem is that the door will not completely close all of the way. The causes for this problem include a door that is binding in its tracks, or a track that is bent, or a worn out extension spring cable pulley. These problems are easily fixed by either adjusting the track spacing, replacing any of the bent hinges, or replacing the pulley.

Some of the other problems that cause issues are the door will not open at all, the door will not stay open, there is a popping sound when the door is operating, the door squeaks, the rear support is broken on the upper track, or the radio controls can open the door but not close it. Whatever the problem, garage doors are quite simple to repair. The folks at garage door repair Santa Monica are ready to help.